Three Guinea Pigs


three piggiesThose little guys are Grump, Spud and Bob, the Guinea Pig Choir. Part of a bigger illustration for a children’s illustrated book I’ve been working on for a little while. The pigs, in the original drawing, are about two inches wide, made of ink on paper, digitalized, vectorized, coloured and enlarged.

4 Decker Bus


4 decker bus colour 2

My son is mad about buses. Especially double decker buses. The higher the better. So I draw for him a four decker bus, with a small house top. He likes it so much, he now wants to get on a real bus like this and climb at the very top.


For this one, I used my usual style: black ink on paper digitized and adding the colour using my trusted illustration software Inkscape. Only, when the product was finished, I accidently removed the top layer containing the original ink drawing. I really like this paper cut-out look. Even the little white gaps here and there between two colours gives it a certain charm. The reflections on the windows are from real life original photograph of skies.


Bi-plane in the sky


bi-plane colour

Made for a personalized birthday card. As for the previous rabbits, I chose to use a more realistic style. The use of a photograph for the sky background was, at first, a time-saving exercise, but I found out it does work rather well. The recipient of the card, a young plane enthusiast (4 year old), was very happy about it.