4 Decker Bus


4 decker bus colour 2

My son is mad about buses. Especially double decker buses. The higher the better. So I draw for him a four decker bus, with a small house top. He likes it so much, he now wants to get on a real bus like this and climb at the very top.


For this one, I used my usual style: black ink on paper digitized and adding the colour using my trusted illustration software Inkscape. Only, when the product was finished, I accidently removed the top layer containing the original ink drawing. I really like this paper cut-out look. Even the little white gaps here and there between two colours gives it a certain charm. The reflections on the windows are from real life original photograph of skies.



3 thoughts on “4 Decker Bus

  1. What fun! We have double decker busses where I live, too (Victoria, BC, Canada) — I’d love to see some of these around town! I have had the same experience with removing the ink layer in Photoshop — I really like the way the isolated colours look like paper cutouts. Great idea to use a photo for the reflections, it really works!

    1. Didn’t know you had Double Deckers in Victoria. I think there are some in Fredericton, NB, as well. Unless it’s in St John… After ten years in the UK, I’ll never tire of the novelty effect of sitting on top, at the front. My lovely wife keeps telling I’m like a big kid!

      1. Hi Ben, I just noticed you started following my webcomic, Mermaid Music — thank you! And that led me here and I noticed I hadn’t replied from way back when (missed the notification somehow). I love to sit on the top at the front too — I guess I’m another big kid! Keep on playing, in life and art!

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