My Rabbits – Oreo



Another I made for my lovely wife using my personal style of ink drawing, experimenting with texture and shades. I especially paid close attention to the proportions to offer a more realistic illustration. It is a good likeness, with some artistic licence of course.


2 thoughts on “My Rabbits – Oreo

  1. Hey Ben this is a really cute illustration I have to say at first I thought it was hand inked but looking more closely its digitally done which suprised me 🙂 I really like the shading aswell in oreos fur and body. Have you ever tried drawing a guineapig by any chance? as this style you have would work really well with them to 🙂 cant wait to see more posts from you ! kate

  2. Hi Kate, Your first thought was right. It is hand inked, like most of my illustrations. Well… at first that is. But your closer look is also right! What I do is an original hand ink drawing that I scan at high res and high contrast to produce a black and white image (almost all shades of grey are removed). I then convert the bitmap image from the scan into a vectorial image, reducing the smoothing to a minimum, so the jittery effect of ink drawing (that I exaggerate on purpose) is not lost while at the same time benefiting from the cleanliness and precision of digital imaging. I then add the colours digitally, using masks, transparency and filters.

    About drawing guinea pigs, I tried, and failed, many times before, even though I have the opportunity of observing some directly in my house. I don’t know why, but, although I find them cute when wheeking and running across the grass, their general shape is overly simple, in fact boring, with no discernible parts. And the ears, the way they curl, is so complicated! I keep working on it though. The day I manage to draw a half decent guinea pig, I’ll post it here.

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