About Myself


Drawing for me is a real compulsion and a passion. On scraps of paper or in the margins of a book, while taking on the phone or sitting waiting, each time I have a pen in my hand, I need to draw. Only recently though I decided to move from just doodling to properly illustrate (other than doing personalized greeting cards and stuff like that). This modest blog is just for me to share my skills with the rest of the world and get some feedback.

I am based in Liverpool, UK. If you have any question or want to leave some feedback, please take the time to leave a comment or you can contact me privately by email at benoit.s.lapointe@gmail.com .

I would say my style is influenced by French and Belgian bande dessinée and a touch of Japanese Manga.


3 thoughts on “About Myself

    1. Thanks!

      I randomly came across your blog and realised that I used to follow another one of your blog, or perhaps parts of it, but not the rest of your stuff. I really love your ink and watercolour techniques.

      I read and look at other people’s work, but haven’t done anything noteworthy myself for the last two years! (Went back to study and found jobs which left little spare time). I’m considering going back to drawing (I’m between contracts)… Got many cartoon scripts in drawers around the house, so such compliments give me a little lift!

  1. Unfortunately one of our frogs died today. Funeral delayed as trying to work out how to get it through chicken wire covering pond.

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