Inktober Day 6 – “Hidden”

Inktober 2016


Part of living together. Just when you’re sure there is still some of YOUR treat left, you realise it’s gone. Did you eat it yourself and forgot about it? Or is there a robber in your own house?

Lilly-Anabelle of told me it happens in her house every other day. The Frog denied everything at first, but told me in private that when something is in the fridge for too long, he can’t let it go bad and HAS to eat it before it gets wasted. I fully agree with this. Can’t let good food go to waste, can’t we?


Feeling Relaxed




I feel like the Old Wizard, Bramble the Rabbit, Grump Spud and Bob the guinea pigs, Meenoo the cat and Hariet the tarantula: tired but satisfied after a long evening working. The last illustration of a children’s picture book is finally done. The next step will be placing and improving the text. Oh, and Bramble is meant to be spotty too.